Send 'em back to school in style...

I haven't quite figured out how we are going to navigate the whole '5th grade' world this year. It's hard to believe that my baby is going in to her very last year of elementary school! I've decided in order to get this year in motion, we have to start small! So today, we will be going through a short list of some everyday, essential items needed for your Back to School wardrobe!

Sometimes, as adults, it's the littlest things that we forget about, like the fact that my twin boys have gone through a growth spurt this summer... So, funny story.. I noticed the other day that Maximus wasn't wearing any chonies (undies), which was not entirely unusual. Ok, whatever bud, it's summer, whatever keeps you in a good mood. Until it became an everyday thing.. So, of course I asked, and the response was "none of my chonies fit, they're too tight!" #momfail It was so painfully obvious that while I knew they needed new shorts and pants, it completely slipped my mind that they would also need new chonies for their little growing behinds!!!

******So first on the list of needs - Underwear and Socks (that FIT)*****

Your casual clothes can vary depending on where you live, what your climate is and whether or not you have seasons! We are located in coastal Southern Ca, our weather doesn't change a whole lot (so I'll do the best I can with this one).

**Shirts - 8-10 (enough that laundry only *needs* to be done once per week)

**Long Sleeve - 5 (just in case it gets cold, right?)

**Pants/shorts - 7 (again with the whole laundry thing)

**Sweatshirts - 2 (we don't use these very often, so this may or may not be enough)

**Coat - 1 (is this really neccessary?? I don't think they're even sold anywhere out here..)

Last but not least... With 2 boys in the house, that seem to forget the box by the front door, we are constantly on the lookout for our shoes... Kylie on the other hand, has a hard time deciding which of the 20 pairs she's going to wear that day (not even kidding). So for the sake of always having a pair at hand, I'm going to suggest at least 30 pairs of shoes per kid.... ok, ok... not really.. but maybe 3... But you should probably keep a set hidden somewhere that the kids don't know about, so when you're in a hurry and tiny eyes can't spot the shoe stuck under the table, you can whip them out and ta-da!!

Can't you hardly wait for Homework this year???