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Where does our inspiration come from?

Our Story

Kylie's Closet began based on my daughter's inspiring choices of dress and clothing options. Kylie is a one of a kind (very particular) little girl. Her drive to be unique and my love of sewing couldn't have been a better match! So, here we are to share some inspiration and fabulous dresses and outfits with you. I'm always up for creating something new since that is my favorite thing to do! Since her brothers have also taken an interest in helping to create our boys' line of clothing, we are now adding more custom items for all ages, boys and girls! 

To this day, at 9 years old, Kylie stands in front of my fabrics and picks which ones she wants her new dress made from!! Keep a sharp eye for more of Kylie's Favorites, and for up to date styles and new products, be sure to follow us on Facebook. I am currently looking to expand my boys' collection (seeing as I have twin boys - it just seems fitting to include them now too!!).

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